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Welcome to my web world

I'm a Mexican gal breathing in Hamburg. In love with all design, music and the Internet lifestyle we're living and experiencing still today.

I've travelled the world in search of my real passion. Wore many hats, on and off, until I found my best fit.

The past six years, I've been slowly making my way up as a Web Designer and Front end Developer. The two things that one sunny day started as a hobby, and these days even pay the bills.

Happy Freelancer

With a keen interest on design in general and front end technologies.


Dive into my core skills

I'm endlessly seeking for an excuse to create a concept, design, code, handcraft, sketch or learn something new. Never stop learning!

I have a various set of skills, since I have a passion to work with not only one in particular. However, only a few of them are my best expertise.

Top Skills


When it comes to the front end field, lately I've focused on persuing writing object oriented and DRY code.

Other Front End Skills



Browse my recent work

Depending on the nature of the project I'm working with, sometimes I only do Web Design, or only Front end Development. Sporadically, I end up doing both.

In my last private project I worked on a redesign for an architectural studio's website, acting as a UX Designer and Front end Developer.

Uli Wagner's Website

Built in a CMS based in PHP. The code was written with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Sass and Compass helped with the CSS, and Illustrator facilited all the graphics creation.

ilithya's latest website work


Get in touch with me

Part of my work and hobbies can be found online. Some bits here, and some bits there.

Sharing and Networking

If you want to see more of my work or have a rather interesting project, whether is code or design, do contact me. Who knows? Maybe we could end up working together.

I'll be available to take new freelance projects as of mid-June 2015.

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